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Sarika and Rafe have been friends all of their lives. After years of friendship, they become romantically involved, but Rafe wants to keep it secret. Unexpectedly, Rafe walks out of Sarika’s life and has no contact with her for ten months. She has moved on to a new life and next thing she knows, Rafe is back on the scene, insisting she come home to her ailing godmother, Ana Lisa.

Rachel Laine’s identical twin sister Sydney died in childbirth and left behind her son, Drew. From the moment she saw him, Rachel was in love with the little boy and she deigned to adopt and raise him as her own. Their life was non-eventful until Drew turned eight and professional baseball player Andrew Turner showed up, claiming to be his father.

Lady of the Bridge

Princess Saiko’s father has promised her to the Emperor as a consort - a match essential for peace in Japan.

HISTORICAL:  In Medieval times, Arabella was a fair maiden and Jaden was her faithful knight. They were destined never to be a couple because Ulric interfered and killed Arabella.

Meuric is a half-emrys - son of a mortal man and an immortal mother - who has chosen to follow his dark side. This causes great difficulties in his life, especially right now.