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Sarid seeks peace and rest - the kind that comes only with death. After centuries of sharing his life with the homicidal demon that exists within him, he has given up.

Forgetting Jane

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Jane Doe is haunted. After being kidnapped, tortured and left for dead, Jane wakes in a hospital with amnesia, with her only memory being that of a girl in a yellow dress, who just won’t leave her be.  Elias McAvoy, newly promoted Chief of Police, has demons of his own. Buried in guilt after the murder of two women, he will stop at nothing to find Jane’s kidnapper.

Before You

Melanie Hunt learned the hard way to stay away from the Formula One drivers she works with. As a PR representative for the Delta racing team, she knows all too well how charming they can appear to be and having her heart broken once was more than enough. Aiden Foster has impossibly big shoes to fill. As the son of a five-time Formula One world champion, all eyes are on him this racing season.

Letting Go

Janet Kingi is awoken in the middle of the night by a phone call bringing her devastating news: her best friend, Callie, has taken her own life.  Reeling, Janet travels to Auckland to help arrange the funeral, and there meets Callie’s work colleague, Tom, who she believes may have been in love with her friend.  She returns home with Tom’s phone number and a box containing Callie’s journals.  As

Margaritas and Murder

CHICK-LIT:  Sunny Truly’s life is finally coming together again after a humiliating divorce, and she’s enjoying her new job as a trainee PI.  What she didn’t expect, though, was that she’d have to use her