The Talisman

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Ailis’ entire life is gone. Her father and sister were brutally murdered, now she’s all alone and the only things she can think of is revenge.  She saw the murderer flee, and she has this talisman he lost. But, after days of wandering, she hasn’t encountered another human being - until she stumbles upon Laird Gavin MacPherson and his cousin. Their presence alone implicates them, along with the familiar looking plaid and similar talismans they wear.
Gavin isn’t charmed by the young woman. She is a complete mess, and feral to boot. Still, he can’t very well leave her alone.  Once they actually spend some time talking, however, he becomes enchanted by her. Not only did she survive a horrific ordeal with her mind whole, but she is also smart, generous, and attractive as well. They are meant to be, and he will do whatever it takes to convince her of it.
An intriguing story set in the wilds of Highlands! It has just enough Scottish flair to make it read realistically. There were some flaws with the characters. Ailis has major mood swings, and is keeping secrets throughout 95% of the book. Getting a hold on her, understanding, or even liking her, may not be easy for some. The hero is a good guy, until he uncharacteristically jumps to conclusions and rejects Ailis. The story progresses at a slow pace at times  and there were some scenes that seemed unnecessary  Overall, however, a promising premise that with some tightening could make for a delightful read!
Ana Smith