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The Marquess of Halford is bored with life and the social scene, but due to his father's decree he is bound to marry this Season. When a quiet moment on a balcony accidentally puts him in the path of the beautiful Gabriella d’Adventure, he introduces himself as his valet in hopes of putting the lady’s maid at ease and learn more about her.

WESTERN:  After social disaster strikes at home, Wilhelmina Wilkins chooses to head west in response to an advertisement for a mail order bride. Unfortunately, her dreams are shattered on arrival, as she discovers her prospective groom is not only late to meet her at the station, but brawling at the town saloon.

Dunya Savarina is less interested in her family’s trip to Vienna where the powers of Europe are working on peace, and more intent on once again securing the affections of her fi

SCI-FI/ADVENTURE:  Teenager Saylor MacTavish and her three sisters-by-circumstance run away from Oak Point Girls’ Home right before their caretaker separates them forever.

The death of her grandmother has Ana Benten back in the town she hated enough to leave as soon as she graduated.