Recent Reviews

Destiny's Plan

Raquelita Muro escapes her father's ranch with her mother and sister and boards a bus headed to a new life in Florida.

Arms of Promise

Since the death of her mother, Annabelle Madison is determined to become a dancer and independent of her daddy's money. But when her old high-school crush reappears it begins a test of her strength and resistance.  Army Ranger Sergeant Evan O'Riley is working for the District Attorney to protect his daughter, but what truly needs protection is his heart from Annabelle. Rekindling his love for h

Enchanted by the Earl

Rose Woodcourt was destitute after her father's death, but has been able to cut out a simple life as a seamstress.

REGENCY:  Lizzy Gaunt has accompanied her aunt to the Peace Conference in Vienna celebrating Napoleon’s defeat.  After the death of her father she and her three siblings were left destitute.

CHRISTIAN:  Chris Wright and Lori Ann Stanley’s love connection is a lifetime in the making.