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The King brothers’ mother had one dying wish: that her five sons would all find and claim their mates within six months of her death. If her sons cannot keep their promise, the clan is in danger of losing their family land—roaming grounds critical to the continued survival of men who shift into grizzly bears. For middle brother Beau, time is running out. His trust for women is battered.

When Lord Easton arrives home to tell his wife that she’ll be sponsoring Miss Caroline Upton into society, she assumes he’s completely lost his mind. Her husband doesn’t have any salacious thoughts or ideas, but when Miss Upton arrives, Lady Easton is sure she’ll have her hands full. She enlists the assistance of her nephew, Lord Bertridge, who is as rigid with his life as Lady Easton is.

PARANORMAL: Charley Dalton is positive he will never find love again. Being a ghost makes it a little difficult. He has been in this very big house for quite a long time with several other ghosts and things have been monotonous and calm. That is until the handsome Austin Sparks comes to live in the house after the previous owner, his grandmother, passes away.

Revenge Never Rests

Tallie Brown was raised by a woman with mental health problems who was not very loving or affectionate toward her. Instead, she was taught from a very young age how to track people. Now, as a young woman herself, Tallie specializes in finding missing people. Her life is upended when she receives an Amber Alert and is the first person to respond to the call.

Cash Morgan has buried himself in his record store since his life imploded more than 15 years ago. He’s built walls around his heart so tall and thick no one has been able to break through - until Sasha. Cash doesn’t want to want her, but he does. He already went through hell because of a woman, and has no desire to open up again, let alone to a girl who is almost 20 years younger than him.