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Phantom Traces

Goth-dressing Abigail Stryker moves to a town in the Blue Ridge foothills of North Carolina, prepared to run the historical Harvey library. Even rumors of a resident pipe-smoking, book-throwing ghost doesn’t keep Abby from striving to save the adored library.

Needing an income to support her sister, Rhia Duke takes a schoolteacher position in Nebraska. However, Rhia soon discovers the circumstances are not what they seem.

Dave Knight lives a vicarious life. A smokejumper, he plays hard and lives dangerously until he tempts fate one time too many. Olivia Benedetti-Harper thought she had married the perfect man - but a perfect match does not a loving relationship make. 

Romantic Road

Lacy Telchev has just buried her husband, author Igor, when she is suddenly thrust into a world far removed from her safe existence. As she uncovers the truth about her Igor and his mysterious manuscript, Lacy realizes that she may not have known her husband after all.

Matthew and Alex Graham have endured so many trials, lesser mortals might throw in the towel. Book Seven of the Graham Saga is no different. Charlie, Matthew’s nephew, is serving a life sentence as an indentured slave.