Yesterday's Over (Philly Heat Series #3)


Trudy Beasley is the assistant chief medical examiner who was just thrown a bag of burnt bones discovered under a Philadelphia home after a recent explosion. As a medical examiner, she is used to examining whole bodies, but the limited remains she is provided causes her to call in backup. Forensic anthropologist Benjamin Roberts steps up to study the remains, and discovers one body belongs to a boxer, and another to an infant. Trudy becomes absorbed in the case and convinces herself they are looking at a crime scene. Both Ben and Trudy work together to investigate their findings while exploring their attraction to each other, but strange things start happening that incite fear and causes them to question their ability to continue the case.

Becky Flade has produced yet another amazing story with “Yesterday’s Over”. The suspense starts as a simple pinprick and slowly builds as more details surrounding the explosion site and remains start to unfold. With the same effect, the romance between Ben and Trudy starts slowly as a heated attraction. Throughout the entire novel, readers follow beautifully paced character development as Trudy and Ben both learn to relinquish their need for control and trust each other's area of expertise. No detail is missed as the world comes to life as if watching it on the television. One aspect that is particularly compelling is the way in which paranoia is melted into each chapter in a way that mimics how it reflects in our personal lives. It is slowly encroaching and almost unrecognizable at first like the flicker of lights, until eventually it’s seen everywhere and everything becomes interwoven. Becky Flade is an impeccable author whose ability to bring characters and their world to life is displayed perfectly in “Yesterday’s Over”.

Sadie Wilson