Wrong Girl Gone


Joy Elliot Larson will do anything to keep her son safe while living with her alcoholic husband Carl. When she finds a stash of money Carl has hidden, she realizes that Carl only cares about himself and the alcohol he consumes. Life is so hard, and when she finds the money, it’s the one thing she cannot forgive. Having tried to make ends meet and working hard to put food in her son’s mouth, the money stash is the last straw. With the help of her sister, Joy takes the money and escapes with her son. However, what she doesn’t realize is that someone is stalking her, and it won’t be long before she will have the fight of her life on her hands while trying to protect her son. What will happen to Joy and her son Jerry?

The plot of this book is heartbreaking and could be triggering for some readers. Audrey Wilson has created a mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very end. The thrilling plot and a varied array of characters who are going through a lot bring this book together. Some aspects could have used a little more work, however it didn’t take away from the whole feel of mystery that “Wrong Girl Gone” has. Captivating, suspenseful and thrilling. Readers will be drawn in and held tight until the last page, having flown through the story at lightning speed. Another good read to add to the e-reader this season and one that should be added to mystery fans’ ‘To Be Read’ lists.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick