Worlds Collide (Dream’s Edge #3)

Traci Hunter

Winning a gold medal in pairs figure skating at the 1984 Olympics should be the ultimate victory, but to Tyler and Amaliya deciding their future and telling Amaliya’s overprotective father about their engagement might the biggest challenge of their lives. Unfortunately, their success and their relationship to a Soviet Union defector attracts the attention of the KGB who are not happy to see Katerina’s daughter succeed. With Katerina’s brother and his family still trapped behind the Iron Curtain the World’s Skating competition might be the only chance to reconnect but dreams often require walking along the edge of danger.

A thrilling conclusion to the “Dream’s Edge series” Ms. Abramson masterfully weaves tension into her tale as Tyler and Amaliya balance their desire to wed with their plans with the future while Amaliya’s mother Katerina fights to reunite with her brother with the eyes of the KGB upon them. Both stories are told in alternating form with the emotions all the characters are feeling almost skating off the page. The 1980s and Soviet era backdrop hint at very real situations that haunted defectors and their families and drives home consequences of such choices in a world where a controlling government held the lives of its citizens in their hands. On a lighter side the conflicts driving all the characters smoothly develops into some growth while still highlighting the tender and romantic moments as well. Overall, readers who prefer suspense with a light dose of romance will want to read this winner!

Sarah E Bradley