Witness to Slaughter – A Jack Slaughter Thriller, Book 2


Reeling from the horrific murder of his daughter and dog and the unsolved disappearance of his wife, Jack Slaughter leaves SFPD to become a private detective. Agreeing to follow a socialite's husband and provide pictures to help her bypass their prenuptial agreement, Jack is led to a nightclub holding a drag queen competition. The same nightclub, where the night before he witnessed a murder by a mysterious assailant that might be a serial killer hunting on the streets of San Francisco. Jack accepts another job as special security from the club's owner who has suspicions about the "suicides" of numerous contestants. Struggling with devastating loss and demons of his own, Jack and his ex-partner Ray investigate hoping to stop a killer instilling fear within the LGBTQ+ community.

A fast-moving whodunit of tragedy and treachery, "Witness to Slaughter" is led by a tortured soul determined to solve the decimation of his family while investigating cases to put food on the table. Readers will find the plot compelling and long to know if Jack will ever discover the truth about what happened to his family. His friends are characters that provide sanctuary even though he tries to distance himself. San Francisco’s night life filled with descriptive landscapes and clandestine trysts bring the city to life. Readers will be immediately pulled into the story as they shadow Jack and his former partner Ray collecting clues uncovering a drag queen serial killer. K. A. Lugo delivers a transfixing and thrilling suspenseful drama filled with heartbreaking angst, sparkling wit, and clever revelations inspiring readers to play witness to murder and mayhem as they can’t help anticipating Jack's next move.

Tonya Mathenia