Wise Indecision (Sinner of Old Creek Book 1)


Sweet Willow, North Dakota, is populated only by men.  Imagine their shock when the new sheriff arrives, and HER name is Becca Wellerby!   A female sheriff doesn’t sit well with the men who will be working for her, and she learns this the day she drives into town. She is stopped and given a $200 ticket by none other than Detective Fox Windlow. The nerve! Little do these men know that she isn’t going to sit idly by and let them run her out of town. 


Fox Windlow wanted the job as sheriff, after his friend and former sheriff was murdered. He isn’t going to let some little chit of a woman come in and take the job that is rightfully his. Fox will do whatever it takes to find his friend’s murderer, and run Becca Wellerby out of town, even if she is one of the only women in Sweet Willow, and beautiful to boot. 


Fox is a contradiction that is hard to understand. He is hard and angry one minute, sweet and caring the next. One will have trouble understanding where he is coming from, and it leaves the reader frustrated. Fox’s partner, Dan steals the show every time. The chemistry between Fox and Becca is spot on, but the sex scenes need some work. The murder takes a back seat:  bring it forward and make it more prominent, that will ratchet up the suspense. Even though the plot needs a bit of work, Ms. Willow does an outstanding job of disguising who the villain is.


Lynne Bryant