Winter Storm


Willow Daniels is frantically driving in a snow storm with a gun pointed at her. Her nerves get the better of her, and of all places, she drives the gun-bearing, wounded stranger to her home! Her kindness takes over as she manages to clean his wound and allows him to pass out in her guest bedroom. Needless to say, even the stranger, Ethan McCormick, expresses his shock when he comes to, that Willow would make such an insane decision. Mysterious notes cause alarm that a stalker knows of Willow's male companion, insinuating she is not who the town thinks she is. As the storm worsens around the little North Yorkshire village, Willow attends to neighbors while learning more about Ethan, and realizing she may have an attraction to the dangerous, handsome guest.

“Winter Storm” is a thrillingly clean romantic suspense tale! Ellie Gray takes a story that borders on disbelief, yet skillfully creates breathing room which will lead readers to believability. Willow’s shocking judgment can be farfetched, but it does not deter from the story. Ethan has just the right amount of intrigue, making him an excellent fit for the curiously trusting Willow. For a clean romance, the few colorful words are a tad surprising, but are well placed. Suspense, scene movement, three-dimensional characters, adversity, and an intelligent, hunky mystery guy with a gun - what’s not to like? Four and a half stars for this fantastic romantic suspense, "Winter Storm"!

Moira Wolf