Winter At The Light

Stephen B.

HISTORICAL:  Molly McLaren is not looking forward to the loneliness as she returns to the lighthouse to help her Father when he breaks his leg. She and her Father will be the only ones on the island, and the loneliness can become difficult. When a life raft is brought in during a storm, Molly uses her nursing skills to aid the man inside, who she calls John. Her good deed soon becomes dangerous when two men arrive looking for the man from the life raft. Molly finds herself in the middle of a situation she did not expect and, with help a long way away, they will have to take care of the problem themselves. When Molly and John begin to develop feelings for one another, their fight soon becomes something entirely more personal.

“Winter at the Light” gives readers a good mix of excitement and romance. The plot does take a little while to get moving which takes away from the story somewhat, and more description is needed in places to give a more vivid picture of what’s happening. However, once the story starts rolling, readers will enjoy the it as Molly and John get to know one another amidst a dangerous situation. The suspense of the danger coupled with the will-they or won't-they romance make this book one which asks to be finished quickly. A tale to enjoy on a quiet autumn night with the wind howling outside. Fans of historical romance will definitely enjoy this one. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick