Whispers on the Wind


Sheriff Cooper Delaney believes he is going crazy. He has been hearing voices warning him of death. He is disturbed when a body found matches the one that was in his most recent nightmare. The dead are not meant to talk to the living, but when more bodies are found, he knows there is something far more sinister out there. Dr. Samantha Fowler has started over again. When she meets the local Sheriff, the attraction is immediate. Considering what has happened in her past, she vows to stay away from the good-looking  lawman. When she starts finding dead bodies, she is thrown into the path of the handsome Texan. Will she let him into her heart or will a sinister killer take one of them out?

A romance with ghostly voices and a sinister serial killer, "Whispers on the Wind"  is an excellent mix for a chilling read. Readers might find it a good idea to read this book in the daylight — or by candlelight, if feeling brave. There are so many tense moments where the book may be pulled closer to the nose. The pace is fast and the descriptions pull the reader in as they yearn for more.  A murder mystery and ghostly voices are only some of what Dana Wayne has given her readers. Cooper and Samantha's relationship is filled with passion and searing heat.  A definite must read!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick