Whispers in the Night


Laurie Peyton answers a phone call and learns of her father’s death: The same father who sent her to an institution at sixteen. She drives to the old home and confronts her childhood fears. At a local store, she meets a hunk with sapphire eyes and feels an immediate attraction. The citizens around town make it clear she is not wanted. She is served with a notice that her father’s partner in the veterinary clinic will sue her for loss of profits while the will is held up in probate. The partner turns out to be none other than her sapphire hunk. This begins a burning love/hate relationship between them. Laurie hears real whispers in the night and experiences terrors from her past. Before all the family ghosts are dispelled, she must overcome several challenging hurdles.

“Whispers in the Night” is a wonderfully crafted story filled with family drama, mystery, and tortured love. Kelliea Ashley weaves an irresistible net with superb narrative and brilliant dialogue. Once captured by Laurie’s magnetic personality, readers will be inexorably drawn into this page-turner, hoping her smoldering love for her sapphire hunk will be resolved happily for both. The book has a density of very real characters readers will readily relate to, and Laurie’s struggle to uncover her family’s dark secrets and overcome personal demons makes this a gripping work. “Whispers in the Night” is more than just blossoming romance, it is stepping through a window of intrigue that will leave readers enthralled.

Paul Brennan