Whiskey Storm (Whiskey Falls Book 3)

Mercy West is a legend in “The Underground” secret society who aids women and children in fleeing when their lives are in danger and they need new identities and to start over in new places to keep them alive. Now Mercy finds herself in the place of many she has helped over the past two decades. When she lands in Whiskey Falls, with her aunt, cousin, and great niece, many are leery of their intentions. Griff Daniels is the retired Sheriff in town, and nothing goes by unnoticed in his county. His ties to a motorcycle club and law enforcement keeps him in the loop, if and when things go sideways. Now Mercy has his heart doing a double take and he makes it his job to protect her. Cartel threats are looming, and they are all targets.
An action-packed tale with loveable, relatable characters and emotions that grab the readers’ heartstrings from the get-go! The hero and heroine are of more mature ages, and each has emotional scars that keep them fighting their attraction. The shifting POV of these two allows readers a better understanding of who they are. The baby and the Cartel raise the stakes of urgency, and certainly keep the plot moving at quick pace. This is book 3 in this series and it stands alone well; however, reading the others as well will afford readers even more enjoyment! Authors like Ms. Rivers take chances, and many will appreciate her creativity. Add her to your one-click list - and this series too! “Whiskey Storm” does not disappoint. A well-deserved 5 stars!
Viola Robbins