Whiskey Home (Whiskey Falls Book 1)


Bree and her best friend Sadie have lived in Arkansas since college; graduation was five years ago. Now feeling settled, Bree has her own home, a decent job, and a very soft and cuddly ‘guard’ dog. Her family would love if she would return home to Whiskey Falls, Wisconsin, and eventually take over her father’s construction business, but Bree isn’t going anywhere. Erick (Bree’s brother) and Tony have been best buds since childhood and even went into the Army at the same time. Bree and Tony have always had smoldering feelings for each other just waiting for the flames to combust. When trouble hits Whiskey Falls, everything points to Crest Construction, and the entire family could be in danger. Can Erick and Tony find the criminals and keep Bree and Sadie safe?

“Whiskey Home” has it all! Major suspense, drama, steamy romance, and alpha males are all a part of this gift of a story. Ms. Rivers has a talent for creating down to earth, in-depth characters, especially Bree, who deals with the family drama which has surrounded her since she was a small child. Subplots abound but are all nicely woven into the fabric of this intriguing tale. There are some motorcycle club shenanigans sprinkled in, providing the bow on top of this gift of a story. Though ‘friends to lovers’ and ‘brother’s best friend’ are common tropes, book one in this series is so much more. This is a standalone, but readers will really want to grab the series to see what’s up next in Whiskey Falls!!

Viola Robbins