Whiskey Dream (Whiskey Falls book 2)


Erick has seen Rosalie around town and knows she will soon be his. His father, Joe, and her father, Milo, have been friends for years. One reason Milo accepted her move from the family compound in Minnesota to Whiskey Falls was knowing that Joe and his family could keep an eye out for her and keep her safe. Rosalie is a past Iditarod race winner, raising sled dogs—racing is in her blood. Her parents are the extreme ‘preppers’ and want to depend on no others when doomsday hits. It’s when trouble finds Rose and her sister Poppy that a new level of danger comes to town. Erick and the Sheriff, Tony, have many connections to bring the bad guys out of hiding and put safety back into their day-to-day lives. But can they do it before more damage is done?

Action and romance hit all-time records in “Whiskey Dream”. When a small town becomes the center of rival gang activity, there will always be fall out. Erick is our hero in this book, and his heroine is as tough as nails and can definitely hold her own in the most difficult of circumstances. The suspense and drama are well balanced, and the plot moves quickly throughout the story. The characters are very detailed, with most carrying over from book 1. Reading the series in order will benefit readers greatly. The military training for some of the characters is well thought out. The gang crimes, which cross over countries, add to the chaos. Ms. Rivers has a talent for laying out many characters and giving each certain details to make them noteworthy. Absolutely unputdownable!

Viola Robbins