Whatever it Takes (Shadow Heroes #4)


Laura Iglesias is desperate to save her child, who has been kidnapped by the dangerous San Matean politician Ernesto Ruiz. Ruiz is using the child as a pawn to goad Laura’s father out of hiding. With a bounty on her head, she risks working as a waitress, hoping to infiltrate Ruiz’s compound, but her plan goes horribly awry.  After coming to her rescue, Special Agent Mark Williams gives Laura a cover story, but in order to convince Ruiz they are a married couple, Mark and Laura have no choice but to join forces.  Before long, they begin to feel a strong passionate force drawing them together, even in such dire circumstances.  With his own agendas in place, can Laura really trust Mark to help rescue her child? 

“Whatever it Takes” goes from zero to a hundred in record time. Virginia Kelly wastes no time getting the story off to a quick, action-packed beginning. Laura’s desperation is palpable, making her a sympathetic, but strong character willing to go the distance to save her child. Mark’s secrets and motives are explosive as well as poignant. However, the story is very busy, with a large cast of characters, which feels slightly overwhelming alongside the brisk pacing. The romantic chemistry feels slightly forced, with little time for emotional conflict or development. However, the descriptions, the atmosphere and vernacular are very authentic and realistic. If intrigue and high-octane action are what you crave, you have come to the right place!

Julie Whiteley