A Warrior Still


Carson Colt was medically discharged from the Marines, and he is still struggling to adapt to civilian life. When he gets a job in security, he finds himself involved in a dangerous game and has to protect a woman who could be the daughter of a very important man. Karina is in danger and the abduction is supposed to happen at a concert in Atlanta. Carson and Karina find themselves embroiled in a very dangerous game that could kill them both. As they fight for their lives, they learn things about themselves that will help them survive and will answer the unanswered questions they had before the journey began. What will the future lead to for Karina and Carson and will they survive?

Intrigue opens this book and immediately the reader is thrust into the world of Carson Colt. He is a man with a lot on his mind plus the physical trauma of what happened to him. There are so many layers to this character and each page peels back another a layer to reveal not only a cool story, but some awesome characters and a dangerous enemy. Some points could have had more depth and description to move the story along better; however, there are very many positive aspects to “A Warrior Still” and readers will have a lot of fun discovering each one. Download this book for a cozy read on a winters night, grab a cup of hot chocolate, tea or whatever and delve into M.C. Thomas’s world.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick