A War Hero Returns


Suzan is a decorated war veteran, returning from overseas only to find that the land left to her by her dying father has been sold. When she finds out that her mother, who has early onset Alzheimer's, sold the land to rich playboy Matt Harris, Suzan is determined to get it back.

The best part about this book was the beginning premise. It seemed to Suzan that her mother was taken advantage of, and she is livid. But upon meeting Matt, who soon sweeps her off her feet and all over the U.S. on a dazzling trip for a myriad of business and pleasurable reasons, she begins to doubt her righteous anger. Suzan too quickly goes from being an overly vicious military woman to being putty in the rich man's hands, and her credibility as a tough girl is lost. As more and more players are introduced to the romance, it seems that every new chapter reveals another huge hurdle to overcome. Even so, the romance moves extremely and unbelievably fast. The language is formal and awkward at times. There are over two hundred pages dedicated to Matt wowing Suzan with his wealth and power, but the chemistry was still sorely lacking. They just never seemed comfortable with each other, and the overall plot became stagnant, confusing, and was eventually lost. It was very hard to even understand the direction that Matt and Suzan were going. Each additional obstacle seemed more and more contrived and instead of adding to the intrigue, it only added to the tedium.  A disappointing end to a promising beginning.


Nicole Duke