Upon the Tide

Ryan Jo

Piper Kincaid is one of the world's foremost fashion designers. While on a much needed vacation to visit her cousin in Florida, Piper's shopping trip to a local fish market has her witnessing an armed robbery gone wrong. As the only other witness to the robbery ex-cop Kade Wyatt is forced to stay at a safe house along with Piper. When their location becomes compromised, Kade volunteers the use of his houseboat until the criminals are caught and he and Piper are safe. What starts off as a simple case of “wrong place, wrong time” quickly becomes a terrifying struggle to stay alive. On the run with criminals in hot pursuit, their only hope is to remain one step ahead of the killers who are chasing them all around the Caribbean.
Ms. Summers is exceptionally talented. Her writing is fast-paced and has plenty of thrills to engage the reader. Although Piper is written to be cool and collected, time and again she acts with an impulsivity that belies those traits. When Kade and Piper are found and shot at, narrowly escaping, the very next morning Piper goes exploring alone. While there are many layers to the story, a few aspects are mildly predictable and the more implausible events may be difficult for some to ignore. From Florida to exotic Haiti, Jamaica and beyond, this adventure is filled with over the top action. All in all, this story will appeal to readers looking for a quick, feel good read with unforgettable locales.

Chantel Hardge