Unveiled Hearts (Heart’s Intent, #2)


Paralegal Claire Jackson attempts to keep the law office running while her bosses, Matthew Price and Dani Brosen, recover from their injuries - Matt from a car accident that has left him blind and Dani from a gunshot wound. When not at the office Claire helps Matt adjust to life without his vision, but Matt, cranky and frustrated, tries every day to push away the one woman he cares about. Claire has loved Matt for quite some time and there’s no way she’s giving up on him, surly attitude or not. Can two stubborn people lower their defenses enough to find happiness before the danger hiding around the corner tears them apart forever?


A romance between boss and employee that’s derailed before it can even get started would put off most characters, but not Claire and Matt. After a shaky start they fight for what they want (though sometimes at cross purposes) which can make for an entertaining read. However, choppy writing, repetition, and a plethora of editing errors are large detractors in this workplace romance. Also, for a romantic suspense, the suspense portion seems to have been added as an afterthought. It lacks a basic foundation, buildup, and anxiety-inducing tension while the resolution is rushed in the end. A more thorough editing polish would bring a sparkling shine to this rough gem of a tale.


Carol Conley