Unseen (A Guardian Novel)

Traci Hunter Abramson
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Laura is in Honduras visiting her abuela when the older woman falls ill. A nurse practitioner herself, Laura enjoys the comfort of her scrubs. However, that comfort costs her when local gang members kidnap her to help their wounded companion. Terrified she’s going to be killed, Laura does her best, but also prepares for the worst. Using sedatives as her weapon, she unknowingly aids a man who comes in to rescue the wounded man. Once again, Laura is taken hostage by a stranger, but this man seems intent on keeping her and her patient safe. He calls himself Ghost, and he’s charged with keeping CIA assets alive. Forced together for several days, Laura and Ghost can’t avoid the attraction between them. For the first time, the Ghost is plagued by very human feelings.

This book keeps you tense from the first chapter. Part of the Guardian series, it doesn’t disappoint with the action or the romance. Though this book is part of a series, it stands alone as each book focuses on an individual undercover ace who guards important assets. Manuel is dead, as that is the only way he could truly leave his past behind. Calling himself Ghost, he has no idea the challenge he faces in this assignment will be one of his toughest—leaving behind a woman he loves. As a former member of the CIA, the author’s knowledge of actions and resources is extensive. She also does a good job of creating the charged atmosphere of two people attracted to each other in a situation of forced dependence. An entertaining read, this book will keep you hooked from the beginning!

Leah Neale