Unraveled (Carson Chance P.I. Book Two)


Warning: Rape scene could potentially trigger readers.

Carson Chance moves into a new apartment that used to be inhabited by a drug dealer. History literally comes knocking when a prostitute appears at his door to buy drugs. When she ends up dead, Carson finds himself suspect number one. As a PI, he has to use every resource at his disposal, including getting help from his ex, to ensure that he stays out of jail and find the killer. That’s easier said than done when he has a tumultuous history and even his ex isn’t sure if he is innocent. It’s a race against time for Carson to prove his innocence and unmask the real killer.

Add a murder mystery, sex, and a dashing PI and you have the recipe for an exciting book! Carson Chance is a strong yet sensitive character who has been through a lot. He and Amy have a connection and their relationship is tumultuous to say the least. While it’s obvious the author has done their homework with regards to the subject of PTSD, there is a scene in the book that really stood out. It is essentially a rape scene, but there was the question of it hanging over and readers may find this a little unnerving. The telling rather than showing took away from the story a little, and it could benefit from further editing. However, there is a good plot with engaging characters and a race against time for Carson to clear his name. N.E. Brown has done well with “Unraveled”.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick