Unforgettable Kiss


Meghan Eden has sworn to never love again after the tragic loss of her son at the hands of her ex-husband. However, an unexpected attraction to Eric, the man she is partnered with at a golf tournament, has her questioning her resolve. Eric Nolan is one of the most sought after heart throbs in Hollywood, and Meg has no idea who he is.  He falls for Meg immediately.  They share one unforgettable kiss the day they meet and begin a whirlwind relationship; one that has Meg dismantling the fortress she has built around her heart. 


This entertaining love story starts with a simmer and builds to lasting love. However, the quickness of Erics realization of love seems a bit improbable. In a love at first sight situation, usually, the realization doesnt happen at the first encounter. Megs reluctance to trust and love again was understandable given the circumstances, but her push-and-pull love for Eric became a tad tedious. The inclusion of the details of the relationship between the secondary characters steers the reader in a different direction and should have had its own story. However, the friendship between Meg and Paige was heartwarming and helped the reader understand Meg better. 


The added suspense could have been played out a little more but was an unexpected treat. There are some editing issues that need to be addressed, but overall the story is enjoyable. This romance touches on love, loss, friendship, and passion, all the elements needed to enmesh the reader. With some editing and a little tweaking, this story has the potential to be a great romantic read.


Janna Shay