Unexpected Risk (Phoenix Agency #7)


In countries around the world, wealthy people are being killed by an unseen assassin who feels nothing for his victims except personal satisfaction as his body count rises. Meanwhile, teacher and psychic, Janet Rodman, leaves New York City after the private school where she works closes. She heads to Miami to act as a private tutor for a young girl in a wealthy family. Janet crosses paths with an appealing man who inspires her longing for romantic possibilities. Intellectual property attorney and retired SEAL, J.T. Richardson, feels the same. His friendship with the partners of the Phoenix Agency sees him drafted back into duty as Janet's protector when her psychic abilities make her the target of a sociopath who moves through society like a ghost.

“Unexpected Risk" offers readers an assortment of tightly interwoven threads that create a layered thriller. Contract killers, retired elite military service members, psychics, a secret group of power players, and two people who are wary of love are just a few of many highlights in this briskly paced installment of the Phoenix Agency series. It engages as a stand-alone even though knowing details from the previous stories would deepen understanding of the connections between, and references to, the recurring characters. A general cliffhanger regarding the overall story arc sparks anticipation for the next entry in this sexy why, how and who-done-it adrenalin surge of a romance. 

Cardyn Brooks