The Unexpected Hostage


Tess Bennett lost her fiancé, Kyle MacTavish, in a terrible car accident a year ago. Still drowning in grief, she throws herself into work. Called to an international conference in place of her boss, David Kingsley, she finds herself thrust into the hands of dangerous cyber terrorists – along with Dr. Mark Nygaard – after watching her mentor, Riku, shot down next to her. Tess and Mark must work together to survive and escape the grasp of the terrorists. As Tess and Mark journey forward, they must pull up all their reserves, not only to escape the terrorists, but to save her company as well as survive. Will loving again require more risk than fighting terrorists? Will Tess be able to save the company and Mark, or will the cyber terrorists win and plunge the banks into bankruptcy while she loses her newfound love?

Terrorism, cybercrime, record altering, suspense, mystery, puzzles, love, and more! Strong lead characters keep a reader guessing as to who can be trusted. “The Unexpected Hostage” is a page-turning, globetrotting, adventurous tale that absorbs and thrills the reader until the very end! Bonding over trauma and previous shared loss is a beautiful way to bring Tess and Mark together, albeit’s a bit rushed when Tess is still actively grieving Kyle. The breakneck paced thills and adventure are sprinkled with bits of hurried romance in between the action. Some description of torture, violence, murder, PTSD, loss, may be upsetting to some readers, but there is some healing in the end. There are great twists with the hidden puzzle codes from Tess’s lost fiancé, Kyle, as well as his help to save the day from the grave. An unputdownable tale!

Amy Rubottom