Undercover Love


She’s an undercover FBI agent ensconced in a deadly game of playing fiancée’ to a dangerous man. He’s a retired FBI agent who has vowed never to join any missions for the agency after his female partner was killed in the line of duty. Both are seeking revenge from the same man, and there is only one reason Kyle would agree to rescue Rianna: vengeance against her fiancé. Kyle is the only man who can help her escape the secret life she’s living to exact justice for the deaths of her family members. Neither of them expected the sizzling fireworks that would threaten to explode each time they are near one another.

This happily ever after, romantic suspense is enough to keep anyone glued to their e-Reader from page one until reading the bittersweet words, “The End.” Becky Barker shows an impressive flair for romance and suspense in “Undercover Love,” which is a perfect title for a great story. The plot is never dull or boring and will pull the reader right into action and, of course, a very steamy romance. The editing was good, though a final proofread would benefit Ms. Barker in order to clear up a few grammatical and punctuation errors. The protagonists and antagonists in this story are extremely well developed, as is the entire plot in general. Lovers of romantic suspense will be delighted with this heart-melting, racy read and should be prepared to heave a long sigh of happiness and satisfaction when it’s over. A remarkably good read! 

Tiffany Landers