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Jenny Moore lives a quiet life. Her lazy ex-husband is even boring her with his occasional requests for money. She lives with her cat in an apartment within walking distance of her job in Customer Service at Specialty Steel Associated.  That is until Alexi Roshenko, buyer for a secret Russian company, arrives with his warm smile and everything else that triggers Jenny's blood to pump faster. Alex and Jenny soon fall in love even though their relationship is stretched around the world.
While Alex's past haunts him, he manages to cross the ocean and keep their love alive. But, when his current employer releases him, an even more dangerous employer steps in, keeping Alex and Jenny watching and waiting.
This is an interesting twist on a 007 novel. The tense waiting is real as the reader eagerly anticipates Ms. Hammarblad’s next twist in the story.  Scenes that should be nail-biting with suspense, however, are told after the fact and from a distance that keeps the reader safe from the excitement and impending danger that surrounds this couple's existence. It would have been  much more riveting with much more depth had the excitement and predatory scenes been handled "on screen." Though the relationship between heroine and hero feels real, the secondary characters feel one dimensional even in their dialogue. The danger is resolved unexpectedly and often from unbelievable sources. Ms. Hammarblad takes us to multiple countries giving one a glimpse of each which adds a interesting flavor, making it an enjoyable read overall.
Erin Murdock