Under The Radar (High Stakes Book 4)

Dee J.

Brothers Eric and Danny meet best friends Victoria and Zoe at a store to help prepare for an engagement party. This foursome doesn’t really get along; they are putting up with each other for the sake of their friends and family. During this seemingly ordinary shopping trip, robbers with guns come storm the store. This group saw the perpetrators and will now stand as witnesses for the trial. However, someone does not want them to testify. After being attacked and threatened, the four head out into the woods to lie low. Danny and Victoria are always flirting but Danny has a traumatizing past. Zoe and Eric never seem to get along, but being forced together makes them see differently. Will they be able to follow their hearts if they survive the wilderness?

This hot and steamy romance is filled to the brink with action! There is not a moment where the pace slows down. The characters, however, are the stars of this show. Even the villains are great — terrifying, but great. The four main characters not only are threatened and attacked, but they deal with serious themes such as suicide, guilt, PTSD and anxiety. All the characters also each have their own unique qualities that set each other apart from one another. "Under the Radar" has two love plots, which makes it feel as though the four characters don’t get as much development as they deserve. This makes the romance development a little rushed. However, once the book is started there is no stopping! Be prepared readers, this is one heart-pounding novel!

Amanda Hupe