Under Lock & Key


Paige’s new neighbors are certainly unusual. They look like gangsters, and Paige, while curious, would rather not get too close. However, she has work to do, and their dog’s incessant barking convinces her it is time to introduce herself.  Mick didn’t need any more complications, but when Paige shows up complaining about his dog, he fears she has seen too much. Therefore, he decides to keep her as his reluctant guest for a while. However, neither of them counted on a simmering chemistry developing between them. But, once Paige is rescued, Mick disappears like smoke, leaving a vacancy, not only in the house next door, but in Paige’s heart. 

This story has real potential. The good girl/bad boy dynamic is not new, but this story gives the familiar trope a fresh spin. However, readers will be required to suspend belief on many occasions. There are too many improbable situations, not to mention the dreaded faux pas of placing the moments of intimacy in the most ridiculous, highly unlikely place in the story.  While thrillers should employ a brisk pace, it shouldn’t come at the expense of the plot, the building of suspense, romantic tension, or character development. That said, the banter between Paige and Mick is very snappy and smart, and the action scenes are intense, which keeps readers interested, engaged and entertained. Overall, this is a brisk crime story, with a dash of steamy romance, and is a quick, but enjoyable enough read. 

Julie Whiteley