Undeniable Attraction


When the reader meets Cash, he is drowning his sorrows and neglecting his work as a private investigator. His very professional office assistant Clair is trying to hold down the fort – losing his former love Sloan isn’t worth all this. Clair begins to emulate Sloan’s confidence, which is a side Cash has not seen and is attracted to. The feeling is mutual and she tells him so, but he thinks she is too “pure” for him. Meanwhile Clair and her cousin, Tessa are being stalked. Tessa would feel better if they moved in with Cash, while he tries to figure out who the stalker is. Clair grudgingly agrees.


This story's strength is its first person narrative written from several characters’ points of view. However, it gets off to a very slow start. There is no shortage of sexual tension between the two main characters. The stalker seems to be an afterthought. Though this may be by design, he is a point of interest in an otherwise predictable progression of events. The characters are not one-dimensional, but one hungers for more back story and environmental interaction for them. It is mentioned that Cash is a P.I., but there is no concrete reference (for example) to other cases Cash may have been working before he drops everything for this one. However, if the reader is looking for vivid descriptions of intimate interactions, this book is worth the read. 


Heather R. Nielsen