Two Spies in Caracas


Even the most experienced spies could not foresee what would happen in 1992 in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez leads a coup against the government; however, it is not successful. Ivan Rincon is a spy for Cuba. Cuba needs an ally and even though Chavez is in prison, he is popular with the people. Then there is the CIA agent named Cristina Garza. If the government of Venezuela falls to Chavez, that could mean problems for the United States and their reliance on oil. Cristina and Ivan come across each other, not knowing that they are rival spies. When Chavez is released from prison, his popularity grows even more, and he soon becomes President of Venezuela, but the danger is only just beginning.

History buffs rejoice! This book is for you! Seriously, this book could almost double as a Hugo Chavez biography. There is no doubt that the author knows political history. The main issue with this book is the lack of direction. The plot is all over the place. There are pages and pages where there is no sign of the main characters. It is difficult to even tell if Ivan and Cristina are the main characters as there is little to no characterization or development. Honestly, it felt like these were two separate books; one about spies, and then one about Hugo Chavez. Readers who are in this for the romantic suspense may feel dismayed. However, those who want to get lost in Latin American political danger will want to pick up this book!

Amanda Hupe