Twisted Lies

C. B.

In this suspenseful mystery, Athena Reynolds is battling some demons. Losing her parents at a young age and not knowing what happened to them has caused her to spiral into an alcoholic depression. While trying to recover from her alcoholism, she receives a letter in from an attorney requesting her presence. More questions begin to arise rather than answers when she learns that she is the heir to a fortune left by the owner of the island she grew up on with her parents. Not understanding or accepting the money left to her, she sets off to find out why he listed her as his heir. With the help of his handsome adopted son, Russell Crawford, will she be able to uncover the truth of what happened to her parents and finally have answers to the questions she’s been asking for over twenty years?

“Twisted Lies” is a story shrouded in unknowns. Ms. Clark does a good job developing the characters, and the reader will have an opportunity to explore the pasts of both Athena and Russell. The pair has a well written dynamic and a lot of sexual tension between them. Athena and Russell both have traumatic pasts. They are relatable characters in how they deal with their traumas, and it is interesting to witness them opening up to each other. However, the plot does seem to repeat itself a few times, making it seem like it is only going around in circles again and again, but the ending is definitely worth the wait. Plenty of twists and turns, however, will keep readers engaged to the very end.

Jennifer Shepherd