Twilight’s Encore (Wounded Heart's #3)


Years ago Ty Garrett and Katy Fowler were each other’s first love, with plans to be together forever.  Returning to their small hometown ten years later, Katy is now a surgeon on the eve of her wedding, and wants her family’s hometown theatre to be renovated for the ceremony. Ty knew he’d eventually have to face her and her abrupt departure with no explanations, but he wants to build up his newly-formed restoration business, so he takes the job. Neither is prepared for their feelings.


The story of young lovers wanting a second chance is a common theme in contemporary, except in an unusual twist, Ty and Katy want nothing to do with each other, both wanting to move on. The hashing out of their issues as adults is welcomed and needed. The outside danger pulls them together with compelling genuineness, and makes a distorted kind of sense in the end. The lack of control over their lust, used to get them together, is tired and overplayed, and in this story, unnecessary.  The relationship should have grown more organically - talking first, sex later. The enormous secret she held from him for almost the entire book is glossed over, swept aside, and never resolved or spoken of, aside from her confession. Sex and forgiveness are almost immediate, instead of Ty throwing her out and breaking things, which he had every right to do. Ty’s character needs to be stronger; he needs to be allowed rage and hurt, and more than pithy apology before their HEA. An enticing read with turns not expected, there are unplumbed depths are waiting to be released.


Julie York