Tsunami Crimes (Disaster Crimes Book 3)


Beth Kennedy and Donovan Goldwyn have already survived two natural disasters, as well as the attempts made on their lives by criminal Jackson Storme. After Beth receives a threatening phone call from a strange man, Donovan suspects Jackson might still be after them from behind bars. When he pays Jackson a visit he finds out a kill order has been placed on their lives. Attempting to avoid the hitmen, Beth and Donovan lay low until they can escape to Honolulu for their honeymoon. A few days into their blissful trip an unexpected tsunami tears through Honolulu, destroying everything in its path and ripping Beth and Donovan apart. Not knowing if the other is dead or alive, each of them takes up the momentous task of searching through the devastated landscape. While searching for Donovan, Beth is overpowered and kidnapped by some of Jackson's men. Can Donovan find her before time runs out? 


Ms. Fey’s strong and compelling visual storytelling coupled with the overwhelming uncertainty facing Beth and Donovan make this a powerhouse novel. The chemistry between these two characters is intense, provocative and steamy! Beth’s fighting spirit and Donovan's ferocious love for her has already allowed them to survive many other obstacles. Readers will be on the edge of their seats as this tale plays out in its entirety. Although a few of the twists and turns may seem far-fetched to some, the intricacies of the overall plot are phenomenal. "Tsunami Crimes" will capture the reader's heart and carry them away!


Chantel Hardge