The Truth Behind The Mask (The McKay Series Book 4)

W. L.

Alexandra McKay and her sister, Fletcher, have a difficult relationship. When Fletcher leaves town, Alex is glad to see the back of her, until she discovers that her sister has been kidnapped. Alex is determined to find her and make sure that she’s safe. Jake Keller wouldn’t choose Alex McKay as a partner, but she is the only way he can find his friend, Fletcher. The woman is a nightmare and makes him crazy. As they work together to find Fletcher, their passion ignites and their feelings will not be ignored. Will they be able to rescue Alex’s sister and find their own happy ever after? Or are they doomed to lose one another and the person they have in common?

“The Truth Behind The Mask” has two dynamic main characters who share a common goal despite their initial distaste for one another. The dialogue between the two is written fantastically and their characters leap off the page with each interaction. The love scenes are searing hot, so readers may want to keep a cool glass of something next to them while reading. Some aspects of the plotline did slow down the story, but it soon picks up again and reaches a daring climax. Danger, passion and realizations about life pepper this story. If this is the first book of the series for the reader, the future will definitely hold purchases of the previous books to see what happened before. A series to keep an eye on and one that should be added to the list of any book lover.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick