Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

The Captive (Griffin Force #1)
Julie Coulter

Mya Amari's father is an infamous hostage negotiator for terrorists. She has been hiding in Canada with her mother, far from her father's dangerous ties.

After avoiding his family for years Justin Simms finally decides to return home for his brother’s wedding.  To help buffer his interactions with his family, he asks Annie to accompany him.  Annie has just been dumped by her boyfr

Trudy Solomon has a somewhat morbid fascination - with the dead. More at home with the deceased, she takes her career as an embalmer seriously.

PSYCHOLOGICAL:  Christina Davenport has always dreamed of becoming a magician. So when a chance venture into a magic shop presents her with the opportunity of becoming Reynaldo the Magnificent’s assistant she can hardly turn it down. Driven to no longer be a struggling waitress, she throws herself into their local street performances.

Brent Marks became a lawyer to fight for civil rights and against injustice.