Lin is moving to New Zealand, searching for a family she doesn’t know, and who doesn’t know about her.  She has an amazing job for a telecommunications company - never mind she stepped on a few people to land this plum - now she just needs to play the corporate game.  It should be a piece of cake, except mysterious accidents keep happening -  is it just a coincidence?  When she finally meets her sisters, Alison welcomes her with open arms, but  Vivienne and her husband Christopher are odd.  But Lin feels completely safe…or should she?  The unexpected appearance of her old flame Ben is another distraction, albeit a welcome one, but between him and her estranged family, things are beginning to get in the way, and that’s not good.

 “Trilemma” is a unique read, spinning a tale of life Down Under and giving readers a peek into Kiwi thoughts, lives, and their way of doing things.  Lin is a strong female character, trying to make her way and keep true to herself in the corporate jungle.  Ben doesn’t arrive until almost the end of the story, which doesn’t leave much time for their relationship to develop. More back story would have helped carry the present tale.  Some threads are left hanging, and the identity of a murderer needs more development to make it credible. Still, readers will root for Lin as she climbs the corporate ladder, and struggles to find romance and a family to complete her world.

Victoria Z. Burg