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FBI Special Agent Gabe Landry is stationed at Quantico. In his mid-thirties, Gabe's job is his life since the death of his wife and only child. He is assigned to a sensitive and politically charged murder investigation in upstate Washington, where three shallow graves have been discovered on Senator Wechsler's estate.  Forensic sketch artist Mackayla Kensington is called in by local authorities. Mackayla lives in the surrounding vicinity when she is not working in El Salvador. Though those working on the case do so harmoniously, the aid of sketch artists are not always welcome.  Even so, Mackayla and Gabe find common ground surprisingly easy once they stop at a restaurant for a quick bite. From there the conflict is set and the main characters merge together to uncover the truth in this romantic suspense.

Anne Patrick constructs an intriguing plot with a few unexpected twists. Her characters feel realistic as the layers are peeled away and their backgrounds come to light. The story is engrossing, yet there are a few  details in the writing that are lacking. Key articles are missing in places requiring the reader to pause and reread. The heavy usage of pronouns is also confusing, causing the reader to wonder which “he” or “she”  said or did what. Still, the story makes for a fast paced ride. Should these minor flaws be corrected, this would be a top notch read!

Erin Murdock