Trap Play (The Ben Leit Series)

B Davis

Ben Leit’s football career was cut short by one too many concussions. Ben’s father, also a former football star and former Congressman, is doing everything he can for his son and investigating Rex Sports, a manufacturer of sports gear. When his father is cruelly murdered, Ben makes it his mission to find the killer. Mimi, daughter of the CEO of Rex Sports and new Senate candidate, is a computer nerd who can never seem to live up to her father’s expectations. When Mimi is informed that something illegal is happening within Rex Sports and their computer programs are being manipulated, Mimi digs deeper to find out who is behind it. When Ben and Mimi’s paths cross, they never expected to uncover such a premeditated, narcissistic killer who will forever link them together. 

“Trap Play” is an explosive suspense novel that will keep readers engaged and shaking their heads at the lengths some people will go to to get to the top. This story is unique in that readers will know who the killer is from the beginning, but as the reader follows that character’s journey, they will see the true viciousness and cunning that greed can call forth. The writing is brilliant. The detail the author uses in describing all of the characters, events, places and technical jargon will keep readers captivated. No detail goes untouched, from the Seattle skyline to the inner workings of computer tampering. “Trap Play” is a true thrill to read and a strong beginning to a hopefully long series!

Alison Ellis