This Time You (The Holt Family #2)


Margie has a very busy schedule. She is the mom of 3 children and has an ex-husband who is not a fan of being an attentive father. She can also recall all her past lives. Everyone in her family seems to have a gift. When Gabriel moves in next door, he’s surprised when she calls him Sebastian. Little does he know that Sebastian is one of his past selves. They hit it off immediately. Margie is still uncertain because of the hurt her ex-husband put her through, but Gabriel goes above and beyond, especially when their neighbor seems to be stalking Margie. To Margie, he is just harmless, but she doesn’t realize how dark his obsession for her is. How can Gabriel protect her when she doesn’t see the danger?

This tale is completely addicting from beginning to end! First of all, Margie is hilarious! Her attitude is spunky and she has a mouth like a sailor! She struggles with the trials of motherhood which will be easily relatable for many readers. The family dynamic is wonderful. Her chemistry with Gabriel is off the charts! There is no doubt that they are meant to be together. The jumps back into time add a beautiful depth to the story, with added glimpses of the Titanic’s tragic history. While there is love and humor, there is also a darkness to this story. The stalker aspect adds an evil that no one seems able to predict. This story will make readers want to immediately pick up the other books in the series. The Holt Family series will become the ultimate obsession!

Amanda Hupe