Till Justice is Served (Killer Affections #1)


Rafe Sirlli is married to his career; as an FBI and DEA joint task force agent he has sworn off relationships. When he comes home to settle his late father’s estate, he expects to tie up matters quickly and move onto the next assignment. That is, until his father’s best friend drops by for a visit. Erin Brady is the high school counselor, and girl that once held his fascination. She’s also the prime suspect in two murders, and the object of a monomaniacal stalker. With drama lurking and passion bubbling, Rafe extends his stay to help prove her innocence and keep her safe; or at least that’s what he tells himself. Will Erin accept his interim presence or will Rafe forsake his career for a love he has no room for? 


From the opening line, Ms. Alexander grabs the reader’s attention by setting the scene with a psychotic vigilante. Although Erin has a disgruntled history with Rafe, the author does a wonderful job in resolving the hurt feelings and moving her forward. This allows the stage to be set for sizzling attraction and seductive bedroom chemistry. In addition, the secondary characters are thoughtfully established in a way that provides their own backstory - which both aids and enriches the relationship development between the main characters. “Till Justice is Served” offers up everything a reader could want: mystery, intrigue, and magnetism, giving no choice but to continue turning the page!


Stephanie Lodes