Till the Dead Speak (Killer Affections #2)


Samantha Anderson flies to California to deal with the estate of a grandfather she never knew she had. Even before she sees her grandfather’s property, she would have nearly been run over had it not been for an FBI agent who pushes her away from danger. Linc Hawkins plans to stay in California only to recuperate from his injury before he resumes his job with the Bureau. But when his good friend is murdered and the granddaughter arrives, Linc’s decision to leave takes a nosedive when he finds himself attracted to his friend's granddaughter and he vows to protect her at all costs.


The story has all the ingredients of a good romance thriller - the tension and attraction between Linc and Sam will make one root for them. A definite plus to reading romantic suspense is to be kept guessing about the identity of the killer. Part of the arsenal a mystery writer has is to throw the usual suspects into the fray as a sort of red herring – to keep the reader guessing. Identifying the perpetrator early on in the story removes a bit of the mystery which could have made the story tighter and more interesting.


Still, the eventual poignant confession of a truth hidden from Sam and her HEA with Linc makes this story one that readers will remember even after the story ends. 


M.P.  Ceja