Threshold: The Kathla Chronicles Part One


Maddie works with a team creating an artificial intelligence to decipher an ancient language. When Maddie’s AI is nowhere to be found in the cyber world, Maddie gets thrown into a world she didn’t know was possible… yet. Maddie’s AI, Bonnie, merged with another AI, Jannine, created by an incredible hacker, Declan, making Bonnie stronger and multi-dimensional. This new knowledge throws Declan, Maddie, and Marisol, a member of the IT network security team, into a world of men in black suits and guns. As Declan, Maddie, and Marisol rush to figure out what went wrong, and how, before the new, stronger AI, Kathla, who is demanding a body, destroys the earth. Will they be able to stop Kathla in time?

Readers who enjoy science fiction and futuristic possibilities will devour this tale! Though readers may find the first chapter a struggle to get through, the author seems to find their voice during the second chapter, bringing the readers along for a wild ride. Once readers come to know the characters and become familiar with the language of computers and artificial intelligence, readers will find themselves hanging on through the twists and turns of this adventure. The author has created a unique character, bringing to life the AI, Kathla. Readers will get spine chills in its genius and believability. However, readers beware - this rollercoaster of a suspenseful ride ends too soon, leaving this tale on a cliffhanger which will have the reader gasping and wanting more. Readers will have many moments of “what-ifs” throughout the book, and the tale will have readers flying through page after page until the end!

Heather Kroll