Thirty-Three Days

Stephen B.

University lecturer Jenny O’Brien is visited by a man named Simon Muransk. He tells her he is from the future, and that she is to travel back 33 years in time for 33 days in order to stop Bradley Destaine from genetically altering wheat. The wheat produced carries “yellow spot,” a plant disease that causes worldwide famine within 250 years. Only her conscious mind will travel in time and inhabit her 35-year-old body. She decides the best way to get to Brad is through his father, Iain. She meets father and son on the football field one cold evening after practice. Iain is the coach and Jenny charms her way into being his helper. She doesn’t plan to fall for Iain while she is here on assignment. Will she alienate Iain and Brad when she reveals she is from the future and wants to shut down Brad’s research? Will they believe her or doubt her sanity?

“Thirty-Three Days” is a fantastically written piece of science fiction that draws the reader in from the first page. Interesting characters with real emotions bring this novel to life as one sees Jenny and Iain fall in love, then have their great falling-out. The football players are well written with certain standouts, such as Simmo, who proves to be an excellent player. Jenny changes the future several times when she gives out team scores and lottery numbers. The ending is a bit confusing and leaves the reader with a few unanswered questions. The story has a moral to it concerning the safety of GMOs. “Thirty-Three Days” leaves the reader passionately yearning for more!

Belinda Wilson