Tender Misdemeanors


Coming from a long line of law enforcement, Caryn Orlane always knew she would end up in that sort of role. Whilst protecting old forests in northern Montana might not have been her original dream, she enjoys her job, and feels very strongly that the law is the law, and she will enforce it. That is until Levi Bradshaw crosses her path. A leader of a group of Eco Warriors, his plan to save the trees does not quite mesh with Caryn’s job description, and she is ordered to take the group down. The trouble is, the more Caryn investigates, the more it seems Levi might be in over his head, and suddenly the fight is on to not only save their lives, but stop the death and destruction happening around them. 

From the moment Levi crosses Caryn’s path, the spark between them is undeniable! Despite all the obstacles put in their way, readers will definitely be rooting for the pair to triumph. As the story develops, and many factors come in to play, there are twists that definitely catch the reader unawares. The characters are well developed right down to the pets, each with distinct personalities that come through very clearly. That being said, there are a couple of odd wolf and pack references that seemed out of place. It is unclear if there was meant to be more of a paranormal element at times, but the references, although unresolved, did not detract from the main mystery, which was concluded in fantastic fashion!

Melanie Newton