Tell Me No Secrets


Haunted by a car accident that took her brother's life and left her sister crippled, Kate Duggan is marked by that dark day by a nasty red scar that lines her face. Guilt is heavy in her heart and she blames herself for what happened. When she starts a job at a private investigator firm, she meets Ben Parker. He is alluring, but holds secrets of a dark past. They work together on a case of suspected drug dealers that hits closer to Kate's home than she would like. Things are not as they seem, and as the duo delves deeper into the crime, they realize they must resolve it before anybody gets hurt.

Shrouded in mystery and thrills, "Tell Me No Secrets" will keep readers in suspense and make it hard to put the book down! The writing is impeccable, and the story soundly crafted, empathetic and compelling, and their romance is nicely done. Kate's family is the center of the narrative and adds an emotionally provocative element. Some things will niggle at the reader, like the changes of perspective, which are confusing at times. The ending was not properly labeled as an epilogue, which leaves the reader reaching for a conclusion that makes sense. Overall, though, the book is exotic and captivating, drawing the reader in for an exciting experience!

Jessica Samuelsen